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Just 10 years ago, if you wanted to invite someone to your parish to speak about the theology of the body, you would have been hard-pressed to find anyone who knew what you were talking about, let alone who could give a clear and engaging presentation to tired parishioners on a Thursday night.

It took a near divorce to bring Greg and Julie Alexander back to the active practice of their faith. Contact: Alexander House www.

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That may explain why her presentations to teens on the theology of the body are so accessible. Although Ashour, who co-founded the Texas-based Theology of the Body Evangelization Team , speaks to adults as well as teens, there are few speakers as experienced and gifted as Ashour at reaching young Catholics. Well before he began speaking on the theology of the body, Bill Donaghy worked as an evangelist and missionary in and through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

For the past several years, he has divided his time between teaching high school in the Philadelphia area and traveling the country delivering parish talks on the theology of the body. Contact: The Theology of the Body Institute www. Jason Evert and his wife, Crystalina, wrote the book for teens on the theology of the body. Few Catholic speakers have spoken to as many high school and junior high students as the Everts, and few continue to have as much of an impact as a couple.

Contact: Catholic Answers catholic. Currently serving as a priest in the Diocese of Fall River, Mass. Contact: Catholic Preaching www. An Eastern-rite Catholic priest based in the Chicago area, Father Thomas Loya learned about the theology of the body from the source. During the years Pope John Paul II first delivered the series of Wednesday catecheses that became known as the theology of the body, Father Loya was a seminarian in Rome.

He regularly attended those audiences and has studied and talked about them ever since. A classically trained artist, he uniquely and engagingly applies the theology of the body to topics such as masculinity and femininity, marriage and celibacy, and the problem of pornography. Contact: Tabor Life Institute www. A trained natural family planning teacher since , Damon Owens is the founder of Joy Filled Marriage NJ, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support for married and engaged couples.

Northrop speaks with ease and authority on all aspects of theology of the body, especially what it has to say to those currently living the single life. Contact: Theology of the Body International Alliance www. Nine years ago, Christopher West helped launch the theology of the body movement in the United States, attracting widespread attention to the teachings through his popular talks on the Catholic understanding of human sexuality.

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His dynamic presentations focus on the meaning and purpose of sexuality and are easily accessible for Catholics and non-Catholics of all levels of faith. Over the past decade, Katrina Zeno has written and spoken nationally and internationally on the theology of the body, applying it to the single life, the genius of women, chastity formation, parenting, marriage, and the Eucharist. Contact: Women of the Third Millennium www. Several organizations are there to help. For 22 years, Family Honor has helped couples, families and parishes integrate the theology of the body into their daily lives.

Through talks, leadership training seminars and other programs, this South Carolina-based apostolate seeks to promote family-centered chastity education. Notably, they were the sponsors of the first national Theology of the Body Conference in the United States in Those talks, most of which are available nowhere else, can be found on its website, along with a comprehensive multimedia collection of theology of the body DVDs, CDs, books, study guides and more.

Located in Cincinnati, Ruah Woods sponsors retreats, study groups, marriage preparation weekends and other classes to educate individuals about the theology of the body. They also offer training courses that enable attendees to lead theology of the body programs in their community. In addition to the training, they provide participants with materials for launching and promoting theology of the body programming. Dedicated to helping men and women see their bodies and the world with Catholic eyes, the Tabor Life Institute sponsors talks, retreats and multi-media programming that introduce people to the Catholic worldview.

Its website also features audio programming, cultural commentary and links to additional theology of the body resources. This Texas-based apostolate sponsors workshops, retreats and conferences to introduce teens and adults to the theology of the body.

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Dedicated to educating both clergy and laypeople, the Theology of the Body Institute offers a wide variety of programming, from parish workshops and retreats to weeklong immersion and certification courses for those seeking personal enrichment and for those seeking to become certified theology of the body teachers. The website also features a comprehensive directory of Church documents about and related to the theology of the body. Founded in , TOBIA assists individuals and parishes wishing to begin theology of the body study groups in their area.

In addition to recommending the best resources and methods to use, they also facilitate an ongoing conversation between study groups around the world about how to conduct the studies and apply the lessons learned to practical apostolate work. Its reach extends to 13 countries around the world.

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Looking to do more for your parish than just sponsor a weekend conference on the theology of the body? The Theology of the Body Sampler: A six-DVD set that can be used in a parish setting to explore how the theology of the body applies to relationships, art, psychology, philosophy, parenting and more.

The program features a set, seven-week curriculum developed by the Pastoral and Matrimonial Renewal Center and encourages ongoing relationships between mentor couples and the newly married. The Pastoral and Matrimonial Renewal Center, www. Living in Love: Living in Love offers parish-based retreats and workshops for married couples. Designed by the Pastoral and Matrimonial Renewal Center, the program seeks to renew the joy of being in love through the practical application of the theology of the body.

Both the day-and-a-half retreat and the weekly workshops feature presentations by trained local couples, followed by private time for each couple to discuss together the material presented. Covenant of Love: A parish-based program created by David and Julie Alexander, Covenant of Love is designed to help couples get to the root of the issues hindering their marriage and tap into all the sacramental graces at their disposal. The program itself consists of monthly parish meetings, led by parish staff or volunteer couples.

Materials for launching the program and conducting monthly meetings, as well as ongoing support, are provided by Alexander House. Alexander House, www. A Marriage Made for Heaven: The Secrets of Heavenly Couplehood: A session parish-based program designed by Greg and Lisa Popcak, Marriage Made for Heaven helps couples apply the Catholic faith and the theology of the body to their marriages and daily lives, addressing issues such as communication, sexuality, prayer and more.

The Pastoral Solutions Institute, www.

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Ideal for youth groups or the high school classroom, the talks tackle topics such as dating, modesty, the meaning and language of the body, masculinity and femininity, and the Gospel of Life. Theology of the Body for Teens: A comprehensive theology of the body curriculum designed by Jason Evert, Crystalina Evert and Brian Butler, this program helps teens come to understand the gift of their sexuality, the dignity of their body, and how to guard both in an overly sexualized culture.

Training videos for program leaders are also available.

Tackling topics such as pornography, contraception and the difference between love and lust, the study helps young adults understand how the theology of the body gives them a plan for loving, living and giving of themselves as adults. Just hit the bookstore and look for these essential titles. Language: English. Brand new Book. From Genesis we know that God created men and women in His image and likeness, and from the first letter of John that God is love.

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Therefore men and women are made in the image and likeness of Love. This isn't hard to see. Look at the design of the male and female bodies. They are made for each other. In fact, neither makes complete sense apart from the other. The man's body is made for a woman's body - made to be a life-giving gift to her; her body reveals his calling - and vice versa.

In this book - which utilizes a dynamic, flip book design to be two books in one well-known chastity speaker and author Jason Evert unpacks the mystery of what is means to be male and female in light of the Theology of the Body in a language teenagers understand. Teens will learn about the profound realities to which their bodies point - and how to live chastely and lovingly towards those of the opposite sex. Seller Inventory AAC Book Description Ascension Press, Paperback or Softback.

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Seller Inventory BBS Jason Evert. Publisher: Ascension Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Theology of Her Body and Theology of His Body will feed your teens with liberating answers to their most pressing questions about love and sexuality. In these books, teens will discover: How to live a life that will make them happy and fulfilled.

That their sexual desires are good and holy and actually designed by God. The amazing meaning of their body and that it is very good. Their true calling and purpose in life. How to be the man or woman of greatness they are destined to be. The meaning and power behind the words Beauty, Femininity, Strength and Mission.