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Princess a woman regarded as having the characteristics, qualities or status of a princess; an elegant or fashionable young woman; a female member of a royal family especially a daughter of a monarch ; a queen; a noblewoman of varying rank or status. Soul mate one who is ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner; someone with whom one has a special or seemingly familiar connection.

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Steady one who is loved by another person; the person whom one dates exclusively and regularly. Sugar a sweetheart especially used as a term of endearment. Sweet a sweetheart, dear or beloved; that which is pleasant or sweet to the senses; sweetness.

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Sweetheart one who is liked or loved very much. Sweetie a sweetheart or dear. All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love. See also 99 quotes about love.

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Close search. Login Create Account Wishlist. Close Menu. Love words "positive words to describe love" Juha Salmela 0 comments. What is love? Haddaway asked in his most famous song.

I'm sure everyone have their own opinions and picture in mind what the love is. That is the reason why I'm not gonna try to answer that question. Endearment the state of being endeared or act of endearing; love; tender affection. Joy the feeling of ecstatic or exultant happiness; that which causes happiness or joy. Jewel precious; anything of rare excellence or great value. Wooer one who solicits or courts in love; a suitor; a match maker. Share Tweet Pin it Email. Leave a comment Name. Recent Posts. Success Words and Synonyms June 12, Upcoming eBook Special bundle offer "get it free" May 15, If God should take me soon to Himself, I ask you to continue each day this same prayer, for in Heaven my desire will be the same as upon earth; to love Jesus and to make Him loved.

Until two days before her death Therese wished to be alone at night; however, notwithstanding her entreaties, the infirmarian used to rise several times to visit her. On one occasion she found our little invalid with hands clasped and eyes raised to Heaven. Her last words - looking at her crucifix: "OH! O my God, Most Blessed Trinity, I desire to love Thee and to make Thee loved, to labor for the glory of holy Church by saving souls still on earth and by delivering those who suffer in Purgatory.

I desire to accomplish Thy Will perfectly, and to attain to the degree of glory which Thou hast prepared for me in Thy Kingdom; in one word, I desire to be a saint, but I know that I am powerless, and I implore Thee, O my God, to be Thyself my sanctity. Since Thou hast so loved me as to give me Thine only Son to be my Saviour and my Spouse, the infinite treasures of His merits are mine; to Thee I offer them with joy, beseeching Thee to see me only as in the Face of Jesus and in His Heart burning with Love.

Again, I offer Thee all the merits of the Saints - in Heaven and on earth - their acts of love and those of the holy Angels; and finally I offer Thee, O Blessed Trinity, the love and the merits of the Holy Virgin, my most dear Mother; it is to her I entrust my oblation, begging her to present it to Thee. Her Divine Son, my well-beloved Spouse, during His life on earth, told us: "If you ask the Father anything in my name he will give it to you. I am then certain that Thou wilt hearken to my desires My God, I know it, the more Thou willest to give, the more dost Thou make us desire.

Immense are the desires that I feel within my heart, and it is with confidence that I call upon Thee to come and take possession of my soul. Remain in me as in the Tabernacle - never leave Thy little Victim. I long to console Thee for the ingratitude of the wicked and I pray Thee take from me the liberty to displease Thee!

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If through frailty I fall sometimes, may Thy Divine glance purify my soul immediately, consuming every imperfection - like to fire which transforms all things into itself. I thank Thee, O my God, for all the graces Thou hast bestowed on me, and particularly for making me pass through the crucible of suffering. It is with joy I shall behold Thee on the Last Day bearing Thy scepter - the Cross; since Thou hast deigned to give me for my portion this most precious Cross, I have hope of resembling Thee in Heaven and seeing the sacred stigmata of Thy Passion shine in my glorified body.

After exile on earth I hope to enjoy the possession of Thee in our eternal Fatherland, but I have to wish to amass merits for Heaven; I will work for Thy Love alone, my sole aim being to give Thee pleasure, to console Thy Sacred Heart, and to save souls who will love Thee forever. At the close of life's evening I shall appear before Thee with empty hands, for I ask not, Lord, that Thou wouldst count my works All our justice is tarnished in Thy sight. It is therefore my desire to be clothed with Thine own Justice and to receive from Thy Love the eternal possession of Thyself.

In Thy sight time is nothing, one day is as a thousand years Cf. Psalms Thou canst in an instant prepare me to appear before Thee. May this martyrdom, having first prepared me to appear before Thee, break life's thread at last, and may my soul take its flight, unretarded, into the eternal embrace of Thy Merciful Love. I desire, O Well-Beloved, at every heartbeat to renew this Oblation an infinite number of times, till the shadows retire Cant.

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Main Menu. Therese Words of St. Therese and Her Little Way St. Therese and Love St. Therese and Family Life St. May we do, Lord, unto others as we'd have them also do. You have shown us: Love is action. May we love, and make things new. All rights reserved. Email: carolynshymns gmail. This hymn includes insights from Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University.

If you would like to use this hymn, please contact Carolyn and Bruce Gillette carolynshymns gmail. We are happy to send you news about new hymns by Carolyn.

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