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Pride who is 84, said he was a bit nervous, but he was genial and talkative during the panel. According to the OPB schedule, the special is scheduled to air at 2 p. Sunday, Feb.

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Saturday, March 2. Asked whether sex trafficking increases when a city has a special event, like the Super Bowl, Chance said that traffickers do consult the internet to find out where Intel or Google might be having conferences, as they look for occasions that bring together a lot of men. New Ken Burns documentary, 'Country Music,' explores an art form created by Americans who felt looked-down on. At the TV Critics Association winter press tour, writer Dayton Duncan and others involved in Ken Burns' new documentary series, "Country Music," talked about how the eight-part, hour film explores the rich roots of country music.

The title story is set in my generally boring hometown, so I felt obligated to read it. Between the rambling tangents, shoddy "logic," and bizarre citational practices, I can only conclude Schneck is stupid or assumes his readers are. Add this to the fact that the tales are so dully related this volume functioned as a sleep aid, I have decided to give The Bye Bye Man a one star rating.

May 31, Jonathan Lees rated it it was amazing Shelves: Check out my review on HorrorTalk. Unfortunately I was disappointed in this book as I thought it would be as creepy as the cover made it seem to be, but alas it was not. There are only eight stories in the book and as much as I wanted to be scared even with reading about the Bye Bye Man, the story didn't spook me at all.

You can turn the lights off folks as there is nothing to be afraid of here! Some of the stories were boring to me as I just could find no spooks! Two stars for this one! Jun 14, Dez Nemec rated it it was ok Shelves: I like the weird stories, but I didn't like all the alternate explanations. I am a critical thinker, I don't need him to tell me all this other stuff.

Rather disappointing. Mar 23, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: first-reads , review. Overall, this small anthology was not as chill-inducing as the cover would have you believe. It is a collection of American stories that may or more likely may not have unusual explanations, and each is presented in the general form of an historical research topic. The author raises some questions and theories with regard to the stories, all of which are unresolved, but no answers.

They were somewhat interesting but not exceptionally noteworthy. Feb 07, Robyn rated it did not like it Shelves: entertaining-nf-challenge.

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The second book in my challenge to read the books in my library labelled "Entertaining Non-Fiction. To get right to the point, here's an excerpt: "When the [ouija] board began producing messages, the trio fell into specific roles: Eli devised experiments and motivated the sitters, while Katherine acted as medium, but only in combination with John, whose party was essential but difficult to define. I'll admit it, I love the supernatural, but I like stories relating to the supernatural to be clear, well-cited!

Is that too much to ask? Schneck doesn't make any sense, jumping all over the place with illogical and poorly thought out arguments. The title story, meanwhile, capitalizes on the film industry's new-found interest of his friend's personal experience and short story, by renaming the book The Bye-Bye Man , hoping to lure in new readers. That's right people, the famed story isn't even one he discovered on his own, rather, he asks a friend to write down a story that he shares at his annual Halloween party, and plops this written text down in the final chapter of his book, literally without any named credit to the original author.

The good of this book: The seventh chapter, seemingly the most well-researched and also the most interesting.

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Though, from what I've heard about the movie, maybe the original author chose to remain nameless? Only need to read one book per larger subject area e. Not obligated to read memoirs or biographies in the collection e. Burt Reynold's "Enough About Me" Apr 15, Derek Patz rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Wisconsin has always been a breeding ground for strange and unusual tall tales.

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Some are told through generations and have not been forgotten. May it be a " false sorcerer", pygmy mummies or a prowler haunting the streets of Baltimore. Schneck's historical perspective on such oddities is brilliantly shown. He saves the best one for last in " A Bri Wisconsin has always been a breeding ground for strange and unusual tall tales. It is the story of three college students who summon a specter known as The Bye Bye Man. If you say or think of him the legend is that he will come after you.

The story takes place in Sun Prairie which is just outside of Madison. The story is the basis of the movie of the specters name. Two versions of this book have been published. This book is full of history and folklore. It took me back to my youth watching shows like " Ripley's Believe it or Not" or most recently "Mysteries at the Museum".

The Bye Bye man is well worth the read for anyone interested in horror or the unexplained. Sep 15, B. I picked up this book because I enjoyed the premise of The Bye Bye Man movie, but thought it could have been better. Typically when this occurs, this means that I can turn to the book the movie was based on, assuming I have not already read it and in this case I hadn't read it yet in order to get a better story.

Now, as a kid I thoroughly enjoyed Ripley's and still do , and all the other strange but true dimestore style collections that used to be oh so common. I figured, sure, this would be I picked up this book because I enjoyed the premise of The Bye Bye Man movie, but thought it could have been better. I figured, sure, this would be something right up my alley. And then I found that Schneck's writing style was so very dry as to make even the most interesting of events included in the text just plain boring.

Yes, he did a lot of research, and yes, the events themselves are interesting, but you'd never know to read only his versions of them. He throws his own bizarre ramblings in, which don't help the tales at all. And he made the Bye Bye Man so droll I had very high hopes, and they were all shattered to pieces. With a raised eyebrow and a nod to his predecessors, historian Robert Damon Schneck digs deep into the fears and paranoias of American culture and unearths a wide-ranging collection of bizarre and mysterious tales that under his scrutiny become a patterned map of behavioral issues and the way we cope with the darkest, unexplained pockets of the human experience.


Truthfully, the cover of the book, looking like a mock-up of a straight-to-video slasher, does nothing to benefit the contents within. Mar 05, Lisa Robbins rated it liked it. This was an interesting collection of weird American stories. I'd heard of some, like the Kelly-Hopkinsville goblins, but many were new to me. I thought the author did a good job researching the history of the stories and coming up with possible explanations.

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It was definitely not as scary as I thought it would be, especially considering the cover. I actually got very frustrated during the Bye Bye Man story. Again, the author did a great job researching murders near train tracks and looking into This was an interesting collection of weird American stories. This includes providing you with detailed object lists with images for your review and reviewing the schedule to find out what is available during your desired time frame.

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