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Two new CDS teams are being deployed this week. In this issue: Compelling Vision conversations, nominations sought for ballot, disaster volunteer needed in Puerto Rico, CCS registration opens soon, Global Mission prayer request, Bethany podcasts, chuch anniversaries, and more news by, for, and about Brethren. Changes are forthcoming in the way directory and statistical data will be collected.

No Form B will be mailed this fall but instead will be combined into a later mailing. Lost in the fire were all of the buildings on the property of Paradise Church of the Brethren, which includes the main church facility and sanctuary, the parsonage, a youth building, and two rental cottages. The Church of the Brethren Workcamp Office has released dates and locations for the workcamp schedule.

Paradise Calif. Community Church of the Brethren, located about 15 miles east of Chico in the northern part of the state, is assumed to be destroyed, along with its parsonage. Elizabethtown Pa. In this issue: Correction, vigils for shooting victims, BDM and CDS update, remembrances, anniversary, congregational and district news, evangelism conference, Outdoor Ministries Association, job opening, and more. Church of the Brethren funds will aid projects in Honduras, Indonesia, and Haiti, responding to disasters and assisting training for farmers.

Western Pennsylvania became the latest district to pass a policy on same-sex weddings and related issues as delegates gave overwhelming support to a measure while meeting Oct. The Mission and Ministry Board adopted a budget for Church of the Brethren ministries in , received news of a large grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. It is part of Lilly Endowment Inc. Four are entering the Master of Divinity program, two are entering the Master of Arts program, and three are pursuing a Certificate in Theopoetics and Theological Imagination.

College Oct. Major responsibilities include strengthening and nurturing the individual and congregational stewardship, direct gift, planned-giving, and enlistment programs of the Church of the Brethren through face-to-face visits with individuals and congregations and individuals. In this issue: Remembrance, personnel notes, district conference dates, anniversaries, disaster ministries, Nobel Prize, coming events, camp and college news, and more.

Items on same-sex marriage are receiving attention at several district conferences this fall, with agenda items seeking to formalize district policies following the actions of the Annual Conference that affirmed the role of districts in handling manners of ministerial conduct.

The Church of the Brethren Inc. The Church of the Brethren Emergency Disaster Fund has issued a major grant for the Nigeria Crisis Response and a smaller one to assist with tornado recovery efforts in Iowa. In this issue: Personnel notes, book signing, Peace Day, Election Day, webinar, anniversaries, district news, college news, and more news for, by, and about Brethren. On behalf of the Church of the Brethren Office of Ministry, Amy Ritchie—a spiritual director and former Bethany Theological Seminary staff—has extended an invitation to women in ministry, ages , for a monthly virtual gathering.

College will be a series on trauma informed care. Two Brethren Volunteer Service BVS units held orientation over the summer and have begun their service at project locations across the country and around the world. Atlantic Northeast District has issued a response to a letter from the Elizabethtown Pa.

Church of the Brethren, as reported in the Aug. In this issue: Corrections, Remembering Matthew Meyer and Laura Abernathy, anniversaries, Brethren college news, Election Day love feast, district conferences, and more news by, for, and about Brethren. Grace Brethren Church. In this issue: Remembering Sue Cushen Snyder, job openings, Dunker Church, district events, Brethren college news, anniversaries, immigration statement, safe church grants, and more.

The Church of the Brethren Emergency Disaster Fund has made several recent allocations, supporting efforts on the Texas border and refugee work in the Middle East. The Elizabethtown Pa. Camp Peaceful Pines in Pacific Southwest District is still standing after a close call with a wildfire this week. Kendal Elmore has announced his retirement as district executive minister of West Marva District effective Aug. In the end, National Youth Conference is defined by the numbers--how many individuals were involved, and how many others will be helped by this conference. But of course, much of the NYC impact can't be measured by numbers.

Dates for the next workcamp in Nigeria are Nov. All they could take was one suitcase and what they could wear. Like most Brethren, my deep Dunker guilt means I keep my nose to the grindstone long after the job is done. But I have never regretted those rare occasions when I give myself permission to play hooky. Mark Flory Steury will retire as donor relations representative for the Church of the Brethren effective Aug. Back home he is an accountant by profession at a private company specializing in irrigation and hydropower.

The Association for the Arts in the Church of the Brethren, in cooperation with the Brethren Heritage Center in Ohio, has highlighted quilt block patterns featured in the Dec. In the first two days, the team served more than children. Her small group was a setting that encouraged everyone to contribute to the discussions as they wished. Six youth and two advisors from across the denomination came together for a year and a half of meetings and brainstorming sessions before finally arriving at Fort Collins, Colo. Reviewing the day at National Youth Conference, including quotes from worship speakers, and a "Top 12" important things learned at NYC.

They were two of six international participants who were able to get visas to attend the conference through the Church of the Brethren Global Mission and Service. When a Viking, an Egyptian king, and a flamingo get together to eat ice cream, toss a chicken, and test their geography skills, National Youth Conference organizers call it a success. I can guarantee it. In the morning, there is the calm before the storm. Everyone is hard at work--staff, youth workers, volunteers--but there are only a few precious hours before the youth arrive.

Their buses are being loaded somewhere two, three, five hours away. Or perhaps they have been on buses for one, two, or more days. Some are walking through airport security now, some are preparing for their first flights. Experienced travelers are mixed together with the homesick, who may be leaving home for the first time.

Within 10 days Baby Hoa will go blind with Retinopathy of Prematurity. Baby needs immediate surgery. In downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, there is a museum dedicated to the Underground Railroad and slavery in the United States. As soon as I began viewing the first part of the exhibit, I was overcome with emotion, seeing the portrayals of men bound in chains staring down the barrel of a gun. My eyes filled with tears.

A brief overview of the final day of the Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren. The study committee that brought this report was formed to address concerns raised at the Annual Conference, which returned a query about district structure but assigned to this committee the broader topic of viability within congregations, districts, and the denomination. Those involved in its development include the Mission Advisory Committee and church leaders from several countries. Amendments to the bylaws of the Church of the Brethren and two business items originally brought by Brethren Benefit Trust BBT in and then deferred for a year--were approved by the Annual Conference.

Also approved were business items related to the Pastoral Compensation and Benefits Advisory Committee. A proposal for a denominational leadership gathering was turned down. A review of some of the events of the day at the Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. If that is the case, Ken Gibble stepped up to the plate. Witness to the Host City is an acknowledgment each year in which Annual Conference comes together to give back to a special organization in the host city.

The event provided opportunity to recognize recent graduates of both the seminary and the Brethren Academy, and a time to fellowship with new and old friends. This year president Jeff Carter gave those gathered a preview of the full report he would give to the delegate body of the Conference that afternoon. Key verses are , referring to a kingdom and a house divided, and Satan risen up against himself. On June 28, , Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated and a month later Europe was plunged in war.

As described by Steve Longenecker, Edwin L. College, it was the first time modern industrial nations engaged in total war involving entire populations and whole industries. Tens of thousands of soldiers died in a single day of fighting. Economies crumbled. Life changed. The paper also calls the church to build and nurture positive interfaith relationships. Ten new worshiping groups located in six districts across the denomination were welcomed by the Annual Conference. They include two new congregations, two new fellowships, and six new projects.

An overview of some of the events on the 2nd day of the Annual Conference. Two business items originally brought by Brethren Benefit Trust BBT in , which were deferred to the Annual Conference, have been approved by the delegate body.

Saturday Afternoon Session

The Almuerzo, a Spanish-language lunch event sponsored by Discipleship Ministries formerly Congregational Life Ministries , took place July 5 during Annual Conference in Cincinnati, gathering 51 people including more than 20 pastors and church planters. He will serve as moderator-elect for one year, and then in he will serve as moderator of the Annual Conference. An overview of the first day of the Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. CWS has worked for decades with refugee resettlement and support for migrants. Scam email messages have been received by some Church of the Brethren members recently, asking for donations to help with refugee resettlement.

These are scam messages and should be deleted. From the early s, I have fond memories of the nice young lady asking for volunteers at a small college in western North Carolina. I raised my hand and volunteered to work for hours beside her, and a big draft horse. The new team arrived at the Pahoa shelter on Wednesday, June 6. Rebecca S. Dali started the non-governmental organization NGO 29 years ago, in before Boko Haram violence began to plague northern Nigeria. She started CCEPI because she herself experienced hunger, gender-based violence, and extreme poverty growing up.

Her passion for those struggling to live in northeast Nigeria led Dali to provide livelihood, trauma healing, protection monitoring, as well as basic food, clothing, and shelter, and most recently re-integration of abducted women into society. She began leading CDS on Feb. President of the denomination, Joel S. Billi, spoke at the occasion urged participants from the major religions, Christians and Muslims, to be ambassadors of peace.

Leadership of the Fellowship of Brethren Homes is in transition following the resignation of executive director Ralph McFadden, who resigned earlier this year. McFadden had been staying on until a successor was found. The fellowship in mid-May announced that Dave Lawrenz, who recently retired from leadership of Timbercrest, a Church of the Brethren retirement community in North Manchester, Ind.

On May , with a pre-conference worship service on May 16, people from across the country met at Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Ind. The event was sponsored and organized by the Discipleship Ministries formerly Congregational Life Ministries of the Church of the Brethren. The event, organized by a variety of progressive-leaning Christian leaders, was centered around a series of declarations against lying, misogyny, authoritarianism, xenophobia, and other issues that recently have dominated cultural discourse.

This gathering happens every five years for Brethren groups descended from Alexander Mack in and it is sponsored by the Brethren Encyclopedia, Inc. BVS is reevaluating how it coordinates its work in Latin America in light of lower numbers and tightening budgets. Bauer has served in the position for nearly 11 years. The effort has aided children and families affected by the volcanic eruption that has displaced hundreds of residents.

Online registration is open through June 11 at www. After that date, registration will take place onsite in Cincinnati, at an increased cost. The Marbury E. The Church of the Brethren Annual Conference planned for summer has been forced to change locations, according to director Chris Douglas. The location is a camp and outdoor ministry center near Keezletown, Va. People came to the event from 14 of the 24 Church of the Brethren districts. This group brought a diversity of gifts and perspectives as it worked to lay out a general roadmap for the development of a compelling vision for the Church of the Brethren.

This first meeting was led by Keister, who guided the team through its first stages of planning and the calling of the chair. Pittman Gingrich was called to be chair, and will work in partnership with the Annual Conference moderator to lead the work of the team going forward. The Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership has announced its course offering for the rest of this year and into next, see the following listing. These courses are for everyone, with Training in Ministry TRIM and Education for Shared Ministry EFSM students receiving 1 unit per course, credentialed clergy earning 2 continuing education units, and others enrolling for their own personal and spiritual enrichment.

To register for one of the following courses, go to bethanyseminary. Two people who were on the National Mall in Washington, D. A vision for a global Church of the Brethren was a point of discussion and focus for Mission Alive , a conference for mission-minded church members from across the United States and around the world.

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Church of the Brethren on April The Global Food Initiative of the Church of the Brethren has given a number of grants in the first few months of to support community gardening efforts, agriculture initiatives, and other work to support food security in a variety of areas across the globe. For more information go to www. Chiques Church of the Brethren, located near Manheim, Pa.

Men and women sat on separate sides of the sanctuary. Ministers and deacons, dressed in plain white shirts, were seated facing toward the congregation, in order of their call to lifetime office. He began his work with the Church of the Brethren on Dec. The nine people who will make up the Compelling Vision Process Team have been named. President Joel S.

The office of Donor Relations is delighted to announce a new team name, the office of Mission Advancement. This new name better clarifies the intentional focus to cultivate passion to advance the mission of the Church of the Brethren. The Leadership Team of the Church of the Brethren has issued a letter calling for Christ-like discourse at this time in the life of the church.

The Leadership Team of the denomination includes the general secretary, the Annual Conference officers, a representative of the Council of District Executives, and the director of the Annual Conference office. Some 15 Christian leaders signed the letter, dated March 14, that was sent to members of Congress. Positive financial results for the Church of Brethren denominational ministries in include increased nets assets, positive investment returns, increased giving to core ministries, and increased giving to some restricted funds.

Concerns include the continued use of designated funds to supplement income and a few self-funding ministries that sustained a net expense. The statement was initiated by staff of Global Mission and Service, and quotes from the Bible and previous Annual Conference statements in its call to the wider church. At the spring meeting of the Mission and Ministry Board, Congregational Life Ministries staff announced a new team name and strategy. A large Emergency Disaster Fund EDF allocation for long-term hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico, a statement on gun violence, Wieand Trust grants to Chicago-area projects, and new names for some denominational ministries were on the agenda of the Church of the Brethren Mission and Ministry Board.

A steering committee of eight women in ministry has been called by the Office of Ministry to facilitate programming, projects, and initiatives designed to support and encourage Brethren clergywomen. Brethren Disaster Ministries is completing a rebuilding project site in Eureka, Mo. A rebuilding project site in Marion County, S. In this issue: Remembering J. If you can leave your comfortable lives to come here and work with us, then I too can come out of my home to work on my church. The NYC office has announced the list of speakers for the event. In this issue: Remembrance, personnel notes, job openings, goats distributed in Nigeria, prayer for Syria, tell the government your service story, BVS featured in Dunker Punks podcast, Pottstown th anniversary, and more news by, for, and about Brethren.

Assistant pastor Yahaya Ahmadu was shot to death and the entire church structure including the pastorium, offices, schools, library, stores, church building, and property, was set ablaze by the Islamist Jihadists known as Boko Haram. The ballot that will be presented to the Annual Conference of the Church of the Brethren has been released. The GWP is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It was a time when as a nation we had just lived through the Vietnam War and the tensions of the civil rights movement, and now it seemed we were moving precariously closer to a nuclear holocaust.

Find out more about the ministry of CDS and how to become involved at www. College offers series of courses aimed at empowering small congregations. Being in Hawaii on Jan. In related news, SVMC is publicizing several upcoming continuing education events. In addition, a grant has been given to assist families displaced by violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The grants support a Going to the Garden retreat, an aquaponics system in Haiti, two community gardens in Spain, and a feeding ministry in Mexico. In the s, a wave of Dominicans began leaving their home country to look for a better life in Spain.

In time they established the Church of the Brethren in Spain and continue to plant new fellowships across the country. In this issue: Remembering Samsudin Moledina, personnel notes, job openings, Jan. The seven-person board is to be chaired by Eugenia L. Zoaka, and has Daniel Y. Mbaya as its secretary. Dali, and Joseph Yabwa. Billi on Monday, Jan. In his address at the occasion, the president stated that the facility would not be standing today if it were not for the tremendous financial support received from brothers and sisters in America. Roxanne Aguirre begins Jan.

She will work from her home in central California. The academy is a ministry training partnership of Bethany Theological Seminary and the Church of the Brethren. The volunteers in BVS orientation units and trained in the summer and fall of Unit , which would have been a joint unit with the Brethren Revival Fellowship, was cancelled because of a lack of participants. In November, the Trump administration rescinded the Temporary Protected Status TPS that gave protections against deportation for some 60, Haitians who came to the US after a massive earthquake hit their country. Today is the eighth anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti on Jan.

Last year, , was no different. New to National Youth Conference in all service projects will take place on the campus of Colorado State University. Registration opens online on Jan. Hurricane Maria recovery in Puerto Rico is slow, but there is progress. When a whole island has extensive damage to basic services like electricity, running water, and cellular communication, recovery is difficult and long.

Power is returning to more areas, but less than half the residents have power. Cellular service is improving, and church leaders are able to communicate better. The government was not paying her medical bills. The report of the Nigerian government to the outside world is that Boko Haram have been defeated. But the government is still losing soldiers, losing billions of Naira for security, and also losing lives. The internal situation is clearly different from the government report. The grant assists the school with much-needed repairs to classrooms and other facilities. Previously, the Yearbook was published as a searchable pdf file on a CD.

The Yearbook is a searchable pdf on a USB flash drive that looks like and is the size of a credit card. On Dec.

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The legislation serves as a means to prevent deportation of , undocumented youth who came to the United States as children. She joined the BBT communications staff on May 5, On Oct. In late , BBT went through an organizational change due to economic factors, and she was transitioned to her current position. CDS will be deploying a team of eight volunteers to serve affected children and families in southern California beginning this weekend. Sample registrations are available online at www. NYC is a Church of the Brethren conference held every four years for youth who have completed grade 9 through the first year of college or age equivalent, and their adult advisors.

What a wonderful God we serve! Little did they know Irma, Jose, and Maria were on their way, as well as a devastating earthquake in Mexico. What are the dynamics to allow this to happen? What are the impediments that get in the way of this flourishing? These and other questions can be a spring board for drawing us into a lively discussion.

Gathering together with a worship focus on the Beatitudes, the 54th annual Pacific Southwest District Conference brought together folk from 23 of our congregations for time in worship, study, business, and fellowship. Since that time, I have been working to make something special with it, to support the ongoing needs in Nigeria through the Nigeria Crisis Fund and Brethren Disaster Ministries.

Church of the Brethren volunteers have done repairs to church buildings and homes in Puerto Rico this month. The church buildings receiving repair are connected with Segunda Iglesia Cristo Misionera Caimito Church of the Brethren and some nearby homes. Two groups of volunteers, totaling seven people, assisted with the project which received support from Brethren Disaster Ministries. A resolution on same-sex marriage was approved by West Marva District at its district conference held Sept.

Church of the Brethren. The resolution was adopted by a simple majority, with two dissenting votes. Joel S. The conference was capably led by moderator Allegra Hess, a member of the York Center congregation. She had worked for about two and a half years as director of Intergenerational Ministries. The Brethren Press devotional series is published twice a year, in anticipation of the Advent and Lenten seasons.

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Young adults are invited to attend Young Adult Conference The Boko Haram insurgency has compounded this problem with a decreased ability to even plant crops. This gathering happens every five years for Brethren groups descended from Alexander Mack in , and is sponsored by the Brethren Encyclopedia Project, Inc. The board also adopted a budget for , approved two large allocations from the Emergency Disaster Fund, and acted on Review and Evaluation Committee recommendations that were directed to the board by Annual Conference, among other business. The board of Renacer Hispanic Ministry has developed and adapted a new strategy plan to widely reach the denomination.

After the devastating damage of hurricanes like Maria, civil society often breaks down. Desperate or opportunistic people start looting or stealing and stresses keep increasing. Another part of society pulls together and helps each other, bringing out the very best in human nature The Puerto Rican churches are an inspiring example of being the church in a crisis.

While burdened with many hardships, the Puerto Rican Brethren are coming together supporting each other and reaching out to their communities. The Church of the Brethren Workcamp Ministry has released the workcamp dates and locations. This programming for next summer will offer 10 locations for service, focusing on junior high opportunities because it will be a National Youth Conference year.

This month, Sojourners reminds us that this is a call to peacemaking in the context of our daily lives. An immersive urban experience with a focus on the ministries of care, this travel seminar is an educational partnership between Bethany Theological Seminary, the Brethren Academy for Ministerial Leadership, Congregational Life Ministries of the Church of the Brethren, and City of Refuge ministries in Atlanta.

John Hipps has concluded his work with the Church of the Brethren as director of Donor Relations, a position he has held since Sept. Find out more about the work of the GFI and how to support it at www. Workcamp dates, including travel to and from Nigeria, are Jan. In this issue: Personnel, job opening, disaster response efforts, district conferences, and more. Atlantic Northeast District of the Church of the Brethren has called Pete Kontra to the position of district executive minister effective Jan. He has been in pastoral ministry for more than 20 years, and currently is senior pastor at Hempfield Church of the Brethren in Atlantic Northeast District.

This Church of the Brethren conference is held every four years for youth who have completed grade 9 through 1 year of college or the age equivalent. The response will include--in the short term--the shipping of a container of disaster relief supplies and a visit by associate executive director Roy Winter, tentatively scheduled for next week. In the long-term, plans are being developed for relief and long-term recovery programs, including home repair.

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National Older Adult Conference this year featured an inspiring line up of speakers and preachers. These quotes give just a taste of their messages. Recordings of each of these keynote presentations, Bible studies, and worship services are available to view in full online. Find a link to view the NOAC webcasts at www. Inspiration National Older Adult Conference NOAC brought older adults from across the denomination and across the country together for a week of worship, fellowship, laughter, and learning in early September.

From Labor Day on Monday, Sept. Brethren Disaster Ministries issued a prayer request for those in the path of Hurricane Maria, before the storm hit Puerto Rico. Congregational Life Ministries is committed to empowering every person to make a positive difference in their world through demonstrating the extraordinary God. If we are to be faithful to our commitment to transform the world, we will reach out with an open, genuine hospitality to people wherever they are, inviting and welcoming them as we seek to renew existing congregations, start new faith communities, and inspire faithful discipleship.

Also needed are donations of Church World Service CWS kits and clean-up buckets that are specifically designed to meet the immediate needs of disaster survivors. CDS staff have learned that the Red Cross anticipates there will be over , people in evacuee shelters in Florida. The program also has been shipping relief supplies to Texas to aid people who were affected by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding. The Sunday morning sermon will be brought by Leonard Sweet, a popular preacher and Christian author who is the E.

A common description of a parable is that it is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Michigan District Conference has approved a motion from seven congregations seeking to leave the district and form a new district of the Church of the Brethren in the state. The 50 delegates voted 37 to 10 in favor of the motion after many hours of discussion over two days. The separating group must now be in conversation with the Annual Conference officers in order for the proposal to move forward. Annual Conference moderator Samuel K. The families are among those who were evacuated or voluntarily left the area of southeast Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey and the torrential rain that has caused severe flooding.

All keynote addresses, worship services, afternoon programs, and daily Bible studies will be available to view live online through a partnership with Enten and Mary Eller and Living Stream Church of the Brethren. She will begin in this role on Nov. Many Brethren across the country have been involved in prayer gatherings, prayer walks, vigils, and other gatherings responding to the events in Charlottesville, Va.

Brethren bits for Aug. This is the 25th anniversary year and 14th gathering of the National Older Adult Conference NOAC , and we are especially grateful for the sponsorship and leadership of denominational agencies, Fellowship of Brethren Homes communities, and other nonprofits who have an opportunity to share their mission with the conference participants.

Samuel K. She was one of the clergy who provided a presence in Charlottesville, Va. She was not aware of other Church of the Brethren clergy who may have been present. This project has stretched over several years, in which transitions in the make up of the volunteer team and the staff in the Office of Ministry have brought significant challenges. This service will take place on the th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, and commemorates the peace witness of the Brethren during the Civil War. The website link for registrations is www. CDS and its trained and certified volunteers provide care for children and families following disasters.

Western Pennsylvania District has called William Wenger to serve as district executive minister beginning Sept. He has served as interim district executive since January. The Springs Academy for the Saints is the newest addition to the Springs Academy and is designed for laity. Its format is similar to the Springs Academy for Pastors, introduced in While we rightly call attention to the awful atrocities of Boko Haram in Nigeria, we often overlook the other great tragedy of trafficking in girls and women from Nigeria.

The Central Mediterranean Route report show that nearly 80 percent of Nigerian girls and women, between the ages of , arriving in Europe are victims of sex trafficking. For over 30 years, the Education for Shared Ministry EFSM program has been nurturing and equipping ministers and laity together in small Anglo churches. Now the program is being made available to Spanish-speaking congregations. The unique design of EFSM offers opportunities for ministers in training and lay leaders to discern goals and objectives together and to encourage one another in sharpening their skills while learning about the Christian faith and ministries of the church.

Over the past 13 years, these congregations have intentionally embraced and invested themselves in disabilities ministries. He came into leadership at a time when the church was in a state of disarray following the incessant attacks on its members by insurgents.

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After spending one year in office, this interview was conducted to take stock of his stewardship as the leader of the church at such a hard time in the history of EYN. It was unnecessary because it was preventable--a local conflict that did not need to escalate. Eventually, countries were involved.

It was tragic because at least 10 million people died and 20 million were injured in the war, and another 50 million died from the Spanish flu epidemic that incubated in the trenches. Six Brethren were arrested years ago in Solingen, Germany. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges; if you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn't get invented on its own.

Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet. Now that we're 18 days before the election, Mr. Severely Conservative wants you to think he was severely kidding about everything he said over the last year. He told folks he was the ideal candidate for the Tea Party, now he's telling folks, "What? Who me? And he's betting that you will too. I mean, he's changing up so much and backtrackin' and sidesteppin'. We've gotta name this condition that he's going though. I think it's called Romnesia.

That's what it's called. I think that's what he's goin' through. Now, I'm not a medical doctor, but I do wanna go over some of the symptoms with you, because I wanna make sure nobody else catches it. You know, if you say you're for equal pay for equal work, but you keep refusing to say whether or not you'd sign a bill that protects equal pay for equal work , you might have Romnesia. If you say women should have access to contraceptive care, but you support legislation that would let your employer deny you contraceptive care, you might have a case of Romnesia.

If you say you'll protect a woman's right to choose, but you stand up in a primary debate and say that you'd be delighted to sign a law outlying — outlawing that right to choose in all cases — man, you definitely got Romnesia. Now, this extends to other issues. If you say that you're a champion of the coal industry when, while you were governor, you stood in front of a coal plant and said "This plant will kill you" —[audience: Romnesia! And if you come down with a case of Romnesia and you can't seem to remember the policies that are still on your website, or the promises you've made over the six years you've been running for President, here's the good news: Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions.

Good day sir Pray for my Mom and all my siblings My mom has been operated last month and now she is feeling better be coz of the prayers going on here. Bless everyone. Please pray for that who dislikes me, God will touch them and also change their life, from hatrate into love, I need you to pray for rossy, johnny, sunny, shamoon, nasir, tariq, ishtiaq, zafar uncle, vincia and many more.

Thank You Pastor Sir, very much for this great opportunity giving me to communicate my prayer request Dear Pastor pray for my father; and my entire family for divine health. Please pray for me urgently i am suffering from stomach pain due to hernia Please pray for my healing right now please. May you please pray for me sir , I need wife who is a born again and who loves me as I am , I have never been married sir and believes in the lord Jesus Christ as my saviour, I am My finances also are not well sir including all our family members, I am always in debts and need to start big business need capital and would love to finance the gospel.

Dear pastor I request you to pray for my family restoration i. Thnk you and God bls you. Heavenly Father I pray, for victory, revelation,healing and make me fruitful in soul winning. Increase Your power,angelic protection, favor, provision, anointing, wisdom intimacy and in my life. I pray I keep all that You have given me.

Love Anthony Pless. Can you please pray for me i have cancer my name is Valerie McClarty. It has already blinded me in one eye please pray. Pastor Chris please pray for my financial breakthrough. Regards Tsholofelo Pls pray for every member of my family. Many are not saved. Pray for deliverance and salvation. God bless You! Pray for healing with in my body, my diabetes, my blood pressure and my anxieties. Pray that i can get off these meds. Pray for healing with my thyroid. I am really happy to here the word of God..

I want to be a power full girl from the spiritually. Please pray for my business from loss to success in the of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much, Mr. I have been suffering from depression for 7 years. I am 23 years old. My dad has diabetes and I feel bad when he injects insulin into his stomach. My mom has blood pressure which is inherited. My sister used to love studies but now she has no interest in them again. Please pray for me. There are spiritual wars against me sponsored by the devil and his agents for nearly 50 years now.

These are persuing my fall and death. Witchcraft, diseases, poverty Please could you pray for Ian Sergeantion has lumber on lungs and infection. And for my mum Jean Shoer who lost her husband thank you. Please could you pray for my pastor Juineatta Shaw. She has heart problem, asthma, arthritis, crumbling disc in back. She came to one crusade and was in a wheel chair and now can walk, just needs to take highest level of morphine.

Also had stomach band and part of stomach died and keeps getting kidney and bladder infections. God uhas put strong anointing on her so feel under attack by witchcraft. Thank you for prayers. Please pray for my 8 year old daughter kiara. We desperately need Jesus to deliver her.. Please pray. God bless.

I will like you to pray for my sister Caroline T. Tye In the Netherlands. Who suffering from mental illness. I that she is heal in jess Christ name. Pastor could you please pray for my mother, Reema. Today due to low BP she fell on the road, we had to rush her to the hospital where they told that she needs to be admitted to the hospital but we did not have the money to admit her so they gave her some medicine and sent her home. Actually my mother is very depressed because our financial condition is very bad and also because i am jobless from the past 10 months due to which she consumes 7 sleeping tablets in a day and eats tobacco.

Pls pray that god forgives her, delivers her from addictions and gives her peace of mind. I pay my tithe, I give offering. I sow seed. I vow and redeem my vow. However, a taxi driver stole my goods that I sell. Even when he the taxi drive admitted of being responsible for the theft. The police connived with the taxi driver, because, they know the owner of the car, which is used as taxi. The matter is now in court. Therefore, I need victory, favour and success to recover my stolen goods. Dear Pastor Chris : I am really very glad that I have found you online.

I thank God really. I am learning and being blessed. May I ask you to also pray for my son to get employed please. Hoping to hear back from you. Elizabeth T. Dear Pastor, From last four years I m Going through in a very difficult time. No peace, joy, in my heart and at my home.