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If you're curious about the answer to this question, I'd like to introduce you to Website ATM, a brand new product that will unlock a flood of consistent sales and revenue you've been wanting. Every profitable website starts with great design, and normally, that takes most people out of the race right there, but not this time. In Website ATM, this is where we start. Even if you don't think you have a "design eye," by the end of module 2, you'll know exactly how to integrate your unique "design personality" into your site so you immediately position yourself as an "A" player even if you're just starting out.

As we've already learned, most people completely overlook matching their website with the way their business makes money, so they never experience the peace of mind of having a site that brings in a consistent flow of new customers, clients and opportunities. By the end of module 2, you'll have a crystal clear picture of exactly how you're going to make money from your website and how that should play out on your website. This new To-Do List will replace any other list you've had up until now and it will contain the small handful of things you MUST focus your attention on which are guaranteed to make you money.

I'll also give you the "Avoid List" -- the stuff you absolutely shouldn't be worrying about at this moment in time. The reason most people take months or years to launch their websites is that they're building too many pages. In module 3 you're going to discover which pages you actually need VS the pages you think you need.

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Understanding this allows so you can focus exclusively on the pages that are critical to grow your business now, and allows you to launch in as little as ONE DAY if you take advantage of the special surprise tool I have to tell you about. Most people will usually make multiple times their investment back using only what they learned in the first 3 modules of this program.

But in Module 4, we're going to move the needle an inch more into the "green," and dive into the more advanced marketing pages that help you amplify your bottom line results -- pages for ebooks, webinars, order forms, products, upsells and more. You can think of these optional sessions as the "turbo-charge" button in your back pocket that you can press at any time, once you want to really hit it out of the park. These calls guarantee you won't ever be stuck, sitting around with questions you can't get clear answers to. You'll always feel like you know exactly what to do and what to work on next.

Just turn up to any of the six calls and say "Coach! This is my business. What should my home page look like? I'm stuck on what to put on this page. What do you recommend?

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Get full access to my complete training not sold anywhere else on how to build 6 of the most common Special Purpose sites, including:. In this bonus, you'll have the complete instructions for not only building these sites, but how to use them to make money as well. If you've ever wanted to have a best-selling book, get highly-paid speaking gigs, or get butts in seats at your live events PLUS, because you shouldn't be wasting your valuable time on actually creating these sites from scratch yourself, I'm also going to give you the proven HTML templates too you can swipe as a starting point.

If you're able to fill in the blanks with your info, you'll be ready to roll quicker than you thought possible. This bonus is complete optional. You don't have to take the shrink wrap off it until you're ready for what's inside. It will be available in your membership area until you need it. That's why in this bonus, I'm going to show you the "dark secrets" of writing compelling, profitable sales copy that have people "lining up" to buy, purchase, invest and work with you.

Inside this bonus I'm also including a paint-by-numbers, fill-in-the-blanks guide to writing entire sales pages that my students use all the time make literally MILLIONS of dollars. Writing copy that sells is one of those uber-valuable "meta-skills" that enable you to generate literally thousands or even millions of dollars whenever you wish.

Most entrepreneurs struggle because they're doing the right things, but at the wrong time in their stage of business growth and development.

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In this very special bonus, I wanted to give you a super simple roadmap that shows you EXACTLY what to focus on right now that will lead to the greatest growth and reward. Nothing generates more free traffic from Google than fresh, new content added to your site regularly, which is why I wanted to give you some free content! In this bonus you'll receive a lifetime account with PLR. Make updates or changes so they sound more like you, or use them completely as is, with no changes at all.

When it comes to membership sites, there are a lot of options out there, and it can be impossible to know which solution is the one for you. He'll provide the exact framework you'll need to create a professional course-delivery portal that can drip content, automate everything, and connect to your autoresponder. Get free access for 12 months to the world's simplest and most powerful platform to get a beautiful site you'll be proud of that matches your business. You're on this page for a reason, and I encourage you to treat this as one of those "opportunity" moments in your business life.

If you could install a bank ATM into your business, would you? Whether you built your latest website yourself, or whether you had someone do it for you, it can be frustrating when it doesn't deliver the results you want. And just like that -- it was "live. Fast forward a month or two, I was still waiting for my site to generate some business.

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For it to do something. Fast forward another month. Still nothing. A centralised dashboard view of all the ATMs in the network provides instant insight into real-time ATM status including security, for proactive prevention and resolution of incidents. Real-time monitoring, information and alerts are available via mobile app to ensure fast response times and more efficient and cost effective service calls. Forget your password?

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